Drive Health
and Data Recovery

When integrated into compatible NVR systems, these drives provide overall system
reliability increases due to SkyHawk Health Management (SHM).

In addition, the SkyHawk drives include a robust three-year
Rescue Data Recovery Services plan.

What is Data Recovery

Understand the Procedure

When data can no longer be accessed in its usual way, it’s time to bring in a recovery expert.
Rescue Data Recovery Services
Data recovery is the process of salvaging data from corrupted or damaged storage media devices, such as HDDs, SSDs or flash drives. This corruption could stem from physical damage to the hardware itself or logical damage to the internal filing system. In all scenarios, the objective is the same — copy all files stored within the damaged device to a new, accessible device or restore the original device to working order.
The method by which data is recovered depends on several factors, including the age of the device, the sophistication of the hardware, and the extent of the storage device failure. If the damage is physical in nature, data recovery experts will attempt to repair the device by replacing affected hardware components. In the case of logical damage, specialized software that can clone raw data and copy it to a new device may be employed.

Data Recovery Process

Know what to expect


Getting Started

Contact Seagate support with details about your claim.

Prepaid Shipping

After that, you’ll receive a prepaid shipping label via email.

To the Lab

Use the prepaid shipping label to send your damaged drive to the lab.

Status Updates

Follow the status of your case through email updates.

Recovery Attempt

Allow for up to 15 business days for attempted data recovery.

Successful Recovery

We’ll return your data on an encrypted storage device.

SkyHawk Health

SkyHawk Health

SkyHawk Health Management actively helps protect your video storage by focusing on prevention, intervention and recovery options.

  • Included RAID RapidRebuild.

  • Provides 3× faster volume rebuilds.

SkyHawk Health
SkyHawk AI

SkyHawk AI

Designed for AI video analytics, SkyHawk AI supports up to 64 HD cameras and 32 additional AI streams while offering capacities up to 20 TB. It delivers zero dropped frames with ImagePerfect AI and has enterprise-class workload rates at 550 TB/yr for high reliability.


24×7 workloads can leverage up to 8 TB with drives designed for DVR and NVR systems. SkyHawk video drives are equipped with enhanced ImagePerfect and SkyHawk Health Management to help you sail through your toughest challenges.

Optimised for Surveillance

Reliable data solutions for every application

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Contact support to initiate your claim or check your warranty for questions about your service availability.

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